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Boomer Ball

$ 14.99

The Boomer Ball is designed for those dogs who love to chase and conquer! Typically Bull Dogs, Bull Terriers, Mini Schnauzers, Shelties and many other breeds enjoy this toy.
The ball is designed to be chased not picked up by your pup. Boomer Balls are made from tough, durable, nontoxic plastic, which means it is nearly impossible to puncture or rip the ball to shreds.

Size Chart

Size Ball Weight Breed

4 in. ball

0.5 lb.

Mini Poodles, Jack Russells

6 in. ball

1.25 lb.

Labs, Pit Bulls, Shepherds, Rottweilers 

*After prolonged use if roughened surface appears, the ball may be smoothed with a carpenter’s rasp, file or sandpaper

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