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CarSafe Seat Belt

$ 22.00

The CarSafe Seat Belt provides comfort, safety and peace of mind when traveling with your pup in the car. Made from standard seat belt material, the harness is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and safety.

The harness is padded in the front and along the side straps providing a nice, comfortable cushion against your dog. The harness is designed for usability and slips over the head. Two buckles clip in around the belly so there is no need to lift paws.

The harness clips into any standard seat belt socket (excluding Volvo's) or the seat belt  can be slid through the extended handle to keep your pet in place. Having the ability to buckle your pooch in place will keep her from flying through a window in the case of an accident but also from moving around the car, trying to sit in the driver’s lap or jumping out the window after a squirrel.

When you reach your destination, the harness can be clipped directly to your pup’s leash.

Size Chart

Size Minimum Maximum Breed
XSmall 11 in. 30.7 in.



Small 19.3 in. 25.2 in.



Medium 23.2 in. 28.3 in.



Large 25.2 in. 35 in.

German Shephard


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