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Durable Dog Boots

$ 31.95

Ultra Paws Durable Boots protect your dog’s paws from hot pavement, ice, snow, salt, sand and slipping on hardwood or tile floors. These comfortable boots are ideal for active dogs that need protection from the elements while on the go. When put on properly, the boots will not slip off.

Each boot has a thick cushioned ban along the inside to prevent slipping. Two Velcro straps are used on the outside to secure the boot to your dog’s leg. After your pup wears the boots several times they will slowly form fit to your pooch’s paw.

When using for the first time expect your dog to “dance.” Start by putting two boots on for brief periods of time in the house. Once you dog is accustomed to the boots and the “dancing” has stopped, put on all four.

Great for senior dogs that have a hard time getting up on slippery tile or hardwood, these boots help dogs grip the floor and make walking the house or up and down the stairs safe.

Size Chart measured by the width of the paw

Size Paw Width
 Petite 1¼ in.
XSmall 1¾ in.
Small 2¼ in.
Medium 2¾ in.
Large 3¼ in.
XLarge 4 in.

*Made with tough, water resistant nylon material with the sole wrapped in Toughtek®, a flexible, skid resistant, grippy and durable thermoplastic material up to 0.8mm thick.

*Toughtek® performs in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions.

*Boots sold in pack of four

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