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Easy Walk Harness

$ 27.00

The Easy Walk Harness is designed to put you back in control of leash walking. The harness is designed to discourage and help prevent pulling. The harness sits around the head and clips under your dog's armpits with a D ring in front to attach the leash. The D ring sits on the dog's chest for comfort and control.

The Easy Walk Harness: 

  • Allows you to redirect your dog's pulling or launching forward motion around to you, every time and with ease. 
  • Allows you more control as the handler than harnesses that clip on the back. Often back clipping harnesses are designed for style not training. 
  • Allows comfort for your pooch. Using a harness means your dog's neck is free and clear of any jerking or pulling from the leash. 

Harnesses are a great, safer alternative than simply using a collar and eliminates the stress put on the throat and neck of a dog. The Easy Walk Harness is fantastic for training, giving you better control over your excited, lunging pup.

*Training and fitting guide included. View digital copy here.

Size Chart

Size Pet Width Sample Breeds
Small 15 in. - 20 in. Jack Russell, Mini Poodle, Sheltie
Medium 20 in. - 29 in. Border Collie, Springer Spaniel
Large 26 in. - 36 in. German Shepherd, Lab, Rottweiler
XLarge 34 in. - 46 in. Greyhound, Great Dane


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